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Struggling to Understand Your Digital SLR?

You'll my step by step beginners Photography Course!


Hi, I'm Rosie!

Photography can be fun and simple to learn! I love helping people discover how to take gorgeous photos of family, friends and special moments in a really easy to follow, down to earth way.

Life changes so fast - children grow up in the blink of an eye, precious friends move on to new cities and time marches on. We all want to keep our happy memories alive so we can enjoy reliving our favourite moments. So when you've bought a DSLR to help you take beautiful photos, it is unbelievably frustrating to end up with blurred and out of focus shots that don't capture the spirit of the moment!

If you've been struggling with your digital camera and been bamboozled by all your settings, then I'm here to help! As an a multi-award winning professional photographer who has been featured in OK! Magazine and on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine, I've got a lot of experience in what makes a great photo. I'm also mum to triplets and a baby, so I know first hand how important it is to get to grips with your camera and make sure you take great photos regularly because they grow up so fast! There's nothing that brings me as much pleasure as looking back on how my babies have grown!

We can't press pause on life, but I will show you how to photograph your memories and loved ones beautifully so that you can enjoy looking back on them for years to come. Let's get you feeling confident with your camera! Watch my video on the right to find out more!

Rosie's photography jumps out at me, amongst a sea of the many photographers out there, because her material is genuine, heartfelt, spontaneous and I just love how she captures moments. Her content, subjects and framing are spot on, and the colours always so vivid. They make me feel as though I am right there. I'm excited that she has started a photography course which will spread her knowledge, and teach how to shoot the way she does!

Amanda Byram
TV Presenter

Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Digital SLR?

When you enroll into my Beginner's photography course you'll discover easy ways to turn your photos from snapshots into beautiful works of art!

Discover how your most important camera settings work, how to consistently achieve sharp and in focus images, how to make sure your photos are correctly exposed and how to get gorgeously natural photos of your friends and family!

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About the Course

Kickstart your photo skills with my step-by-step online photography course for beginners!

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Tips, tricks and behind the scenes with Rosie and the family!

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Wedding Photography Book

My Wedding Photography for Beginners Book available on Amazon!

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About Me

Discover more about the photographer behind the course!

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Get Confident with your Camera

And start taking amazing photos!

Build Creative Confidence

Learn how to master your most important camera settings without feeling overwhelmed by technical details.

Step by Step Guidance

Everything explained in clear English! You'll be able to adjust your settings alongside me as I guide you through the camera's most important functions.

Learn from a Pro

With eleven years as a professional photographer, three national awards and a book on photography, you can trust you'll be getting expert advice! See my about page for more details!

Avoid Common Mistakes

We'll cover the most common mistakes most new photographers make, and how we can make sure they don't happen to us!

Community Support

Ask questions anytime in the discussion areas within the course and share your images for feedback from myself and other students!

Fun Practical Assignments!

Enjoy putting what you've learned into practise with fun practical assignments!

Rosie has always been full of ideas and innovations, and her photography reflects this. She’s very much one of the leaders in her field.

Terry Hope
Commissioning Editor
Professional Photo Magazine

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Your DSLR

Stop feeling overwhelmed by information overload and let me show you the easy way to understand your digital camera!

Help When You Need It

You won't be doing this alone! Throughout the course you'll be able to ask myself and other students questions in the class discussion area and post your images for feedback!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to absolutely love this course! If for any reason you take the course and realise it's not a good fit for you, you can request a 100% refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked!

Kickstart a Lifelong Skill

Taking great photographs is a skill you'll enjoy for the rest of your life! Learn how to share your life story with creativity and flare!

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Simple and Straightforward

No droning on about the history of photography or how early cameras worked! This course is all about practical, easy to implement advice that you can put into practise straightaway!

A Friend Beside You

This course is informal and relaxed and I'll be showing you how I shoot my own friends and family. Taking gorgeous photos is simple when you've got someone to show you how it's done!

Capture your happy times

Capture the people you love

Enjoy your memories forever

Let's Get Started!
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