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Mother’s Day and Baby Photos

Mother’s Day and Baby Photos

This morning my friend Jean kindly helped look after my kids and I was able to pop out and see one of my bffs Carol and her baby-almost-toddler Livvie. It’s so nice to get out and have a bit of time to do photography when the summer holidays have been so full on! I’ve missed it a lot! I wanted to capture some lovely shots of mum and baby together for a Mother’s Day concept that I had in mind. I did bring a tray of breakfast as a Mother’s Day prop for Carol, but Livvie had other ideas and the coffee nearly went flying, haha. However I was really pleased with these cute photos of the two of them.

Carol has a beautiful bright bedroom so I was able to use a nice low ISO of 125/s to give me plenty of sharpness and I also got a new lens recently – the Canon 50mm 1.2 which is so beautiful and lets in loads of light with gorgeous blurry backgrounds. For most of these shots I used the lens wide open (at f1.2) to throw the backgrounds out of focus. My shutter speed stayed around the 320/s mark.

If you’re interested in how to get the right camera settings but all those numbers feel a bit like gobbledegook to you right now, then do join me on my DSLR photography camera settings course! You can find out more about it over on Udemy. 🙂


mum looks on at toddler baby sitting on white bed on Mother's Day

License mother and baby image on Shutterstock

mother's day with one year old toddler and mum on bed with flowers

License Mother’s Day bed image on Shutterstock

mother holds flowers and baby in her arms on bed on Mother's Day

License Mother’s Day image on Shutterstock

toddler on white bed photo perfect for Mother's Day

License toddler on white bed image on Shutterstock

baby playing on white bed cute on Mother's Day

License baby on bed image on Shutterstock

one year old baby sitting on white bed smiling cute on Mother's Day

License one year old baby image on Shutterstock


Thanks Carol and Livvie for being my gorgeous models today! Always extra happy to do photoshoots when there are chocolate croissants involved 😀 xx