Argh, I know I am so bad at keeping my blog and newsletter on schedule! I’m so sorry – my life is totally insane and I’m now also trying to lose a heck of a lot of weight (5 stone ideally!!!) which has seen me join the local gym and get a cross trainer off ebay. So most evenings you will now find me red faced and puffed out in front of “Obese a Year to Save My Life” trying to keep the motivation going! I’m half a stone down so far – and no I am not telling you my starting weight!! So it is going well, but it is tough! I’ve had to throw out all the sugar in my house, even granulated sugar because whenever I get stressed that is my go to thing. I’ll even make raw cake mix if I don’t have anything else in the house!

Fortunately I now don’t have that option and I’ve found it really useful to have a cup of chai tea with Stevia sweetener whenever the sugar cravings pounce. Three weeks in and I’m still sugar free mainly due to that!!

Anyway I digress! I hope you are all enjoying the new term and the season starting to change! I am loving the beautiful colours and lovely autumnal walks in the crisp air with friends. My friend Cazz actually showed me a fantastic new walk from Branscombe beach in Devon that is buggy friendly and half a mile to a tearoom and back – isn’t that the best?! (No cake for me, obvs!). I took all the children back there with my mum today and it is so great to find a new place where they are safe to roam away from cars but also easy for the buggy!

One of my favourite places for an autumnal walk is Stourhead Gardens in Wiltshire. It’s famous for being ranked as one of the top ten places to see Autumn in the UK. We went for the first time last year and thought there had been an accident because the queues were back to the dual carriageway. But nope – just lots of other people wanting to walk around the lake and admire the gorgeous scenery like us! So if you want to go then my top tip would be to definitely arrive early!!

I plan to take the children again once the leaves have turned a bit more, but as well as the gorgeous autumn colours, Stourhead has some gorgeous buildings. Ever since I saw the buildings (which are a stunning bath-stone type colour) I’ve thought it would be lovely to get the children in their best clobber and take some nice shots of them there. So a few weeks ago that is exactly what we did ????

It did start raining half way round and there was actually quite a lot of bribery involved in the form of gummy bears, but I think the kids did good! Hopefully they will love these when they are older! I do love natural shots but sometimes when you want to be sure of a great shot then a bit of thought and effort in terms of location and outfits goes a long way! ????

I told the girls to rub each other’s noses. I didn’t mean with their fingers! Sweet little moments like this are so lovely!!

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