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Summer Photography in the Garden

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The triplets playing in Granny's garden

Hope you all had another fabulous weekend! I have loved seeing all the photos coming in for the current photo challenge on the topic of best friends!

Remember you can join in until 9pm Wednesday evening – just post your best shots in the Facebook group for everyone or students only or on Instagram with the hashtag #rosieparsons

Where we are in Devon the weather was totally weird all weekend! I wanted to get some shots that really encapsulated summer for an upcoming blog post on the top must have 25 shots you should take during the holidays, but every time we headed out it started to rain! So as soon as the sun shone we literally ran into the garden and I managed to get these cheeky shots.

Saturday afternoon I chanced it and also drove all the way to Salcombe with the gang. And despite it thrashing it down with rain en route and me wondering what on earth I was doing, it did actually come out really warm by the time we reached the beach and they loved splashing in the water 🙂 Will share those shots later on in the week if you’re lucky 😉

For now, here are a few that capture our summer so far!

My Contribution to This Week’s Photo Challenge on “My Favourite Thing”


I suddenly thought today that actually it would be kind of rude for me to set a challenge each week and for me not to participate myself!

I’m pretty rubbish at choosing just one shot so here is the little shoot I did with the kiddos at bedtime tonight. This week’s theme was “My favourite thing” and for these guys it is definitely bathtime and jumping on the bed! I love their cheeky smiles and so glad that I set aside the time to create these. It’s always so easy to thing I’m too tired tonight, I’ll do it another night, but actually they are almost too big to all fit in the bath together now so soon this little chapter of their childhood will be over. Really glad I caught it!

Photos in Fields of Poppies


I was a bit late to the game as poppies aren’t around long, but last week I decided I really wanted to capture the children with some. So a plea on Facebook provided some useful possibilities of where I might find a few. I spent the afternoon post nursery pickup driving around country lanes near us and discovered quite a few possible places, although most of them were really tricky to park which is not ideal with so many young children!

I finally found a great little spot at Tipton St John near Ottery St Mary which didn’t exactly have a field of poppies but it had quite a few and I think would have looked even more impressive if we had been a couple of weeks earlier!

Still, I love these portraits of my friend Danielle and her little fella, plus my gang. 🙂


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