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Photography for Mums: Best of the Web 26-08-16


oh yeah, it’s time for another edition of Photography for Mums: Best of the Web. I found some fab posts this week, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Let’s dive right in. Remember you can click through to the original post to see the whole post.

Mum of Boys: A Letter to Myself

Louise over at Mum of Boys had this brilliant post. It’s a letter to herself after the birth of her first child, reminding her about what’s important. I especially love two of her tips:

  • Don’t take criticism to heart

No matter how you parent, someone’s going to have a problem with it. If you’re trying to work online (like I am) the number of people you’re interacting with is so much larger. Criticisms and bad comments will come. I’m learning not to take them personally, but I still need reminders like this!

  • Remember to take photographs

Our little ones grow so quickly. I still can’t believe the triplets have been three for a month. Time goes so quickly and Zach is nearly catching up with them size wise!!

Photographs help us remember these moments, so take loads of them!! If you need help boosting your photography skills, be sure to check out my online course!

Photo credit: Mum of Boys
Photo credit: Mum of Boys

Making the Bedtime Routine a Snap

I learned so much about routines from the experience on 3 Day Nanny. The kids have been doing so much better knowing what to expect.

And one way to make everything go smoothly is to have a place for everything. That way we don’t waste any time looking for things we need. This post from A Beautiful Mess showed a lovely bedtime routine organiser in the bathroom.

Using a plant stand, an organization center was created. It houses each person’s toothbrush, comb, and other bedtime essentials. What a fab idea! Now I just need the time to actually start implementing some of this stuff in my own house!!

bedtime routine beautiful mess
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Getting Control of Toys

We’ve chatted about toys here on the blog here before. With four kids, it’s amazing how fast new toys get added to the house. Then they’re always underfoot, just waiting to be stepped on or spraining an ankle on (I speak from experience). Argh!

Audra from Real Honest Mom shared some tips on how her family finally took control of the toy clutter. I like the idea of having some toys put away to rotate and I always mean to do this, but unfortunately I am more lazy than the kids so things usually don’t get put away so it doesn’t last long! But in my dream world, this would definitely happen – that way the kids aren’t seeing everything all the time, and would be excited to play with them again in the future.

Photo Credit: Real Honest Mom (Before Picture)
Photo Credit: Real Honest Mom (Before Picture–click through to see the after, very impressive!)

Working from Home with a Poorly Baba

As a mum with a home-based business, I know first hand how hard it is to get much work done when the kids are home on holiday. (As the lack of posting lately shows!)

When they’re poorly, it can be even harder! Kids need a lot of cuddles when they’re sick – and I love doing that, but of course don’t end up doing much else! 🙂

Ashley shared several tips for getting work done when the kids are home sick in this post. I’ll definitely be reading this one again if any of my little gang have a sick day.

ashley gainer
Photo credit:

That’s a Wrap!

Whew, loads of good reads this week! Do click through and read them if you get a chance.

If you come across anything on the web that you find fabulous, be sure to tag me on Twitter  @rosieparsons or send me the link on Facebook!

Til next time my gorgeous lot!


Rosie xx

Children’s Portraits in a Wildflower Meadow


Last week I caught up with my friends Julie and Jess from my local twins and multiples group (sadly no longer running but it was awesome when it was active!).

Julie is renovating her house and tried out sowing a wildflower meadow. Well it came out beautifully, so we thought it would make a fabulous backdrop for some gorgeous shots of the kids and had a fun morning in amongst the poppies! 😀

poppies photos-39

poppies photos-38

poppies photos-36

poppies photos-34

poppies photos-33

poppies photos-32

poppies photos-31

poppies photos-28

poppies photos-26

poppies photos-24

poppies photos-21

poppies photos-19

poppies photos-12

poppies photos-16

poppies photos-15

poppies photos-8

poppies photos-7

poppies photos-6

poppies photos-5

poppies photos-3

poppies photos-2

poppies photos-4

Photography for Mums: Best of the Web 19-08-16


Hope you’re enjoying your summer holidays with your kiddos! I love spending time with my gang, but it’s so much harder to get everything done with all four of my helpers at home!

It’s Friday and oh yes it’s time for another roundup of brilliant posts and photos from around the world wide web. As always, you can click through to the original post to read more.

Hope for Harmonie

What a heart warming story shared by Taylor Pittman on the Huffington Post! Little Harmonie was diagnosed with meningitis B when she was only 11 months old. As a result, she had to have her arms and legs amputated.

Harmonie is now a toddler, and recently received an American Girl doll that has been modified to look like her. With the help of A Step Ahead Prosthetics,  Harmonie now has a special friend she can treasure forever.

You can learn more about Harmonie and her progress over on the Facebook Page Hope for Harmonie.

Photo credit: Hope for Harmonie
Photo credit: Hope for Harmonie

The Downsides of Using Your Smartphone Around Your Kids

Oh the smartphone, the beloved smartphone. It keeps us connected to the world around us, allows me to work on my business on the go, and is so very useful (and addictive!!).

But new studies are finding that these phones cause parents to be more cranky with their kids (I’m not sure whether I can really just blame my crankiness on the phone – ha!). Alice Park shares all the details in this post on Time. I have to admit, I am definitely guilty of getting engrossed in my phone in front of the children, and far too often than I’d like to admit 🙁 Have you? Definitely something to be aware of and be more purposeful in having time with kids and time for the phone.

Connecting Emotionally with Our Kids

I learned a lot from our experience with 3 Day Nanny and there is so much more I need to understand about raising my gang of mini-humans!!

This post from Hand in Hand really spoke to me, and provided some talking points for helping kids deal with their emotions. Though it can be hard when I’m struggling with my patience and own fears and emotions, it’s so important. Another post that I’ll be reading again!

Photo credit: Christopher Eriksen

A Mum’s Body

We’ve talked about self-conscious mums and our body image here on the blog before. This post by Joanna at A Cup of Joe is fabulous. She shares a reminder that our kids don’t see our wrinkles and stretch marks when they look at us.

They just see their mum. They see love.

Let’s try to love ourselves no matter our imperfections.

Thanks for checking out my favourite posts this week. Have you found any great posts on the web lately? Be sure to tag me on Twitter  @rosieparsons or send me the link on Facebook. I love reading your fab recommendations!




Nursery Pirate Party!

pirate party photos!

I must admit I am not coping that well with the summer holidays! It is tough having everyone at home and thinking of ways to keep everyone entertained and happy for six long weeks!

We just got a trampoline from a friend of mine which has been a real lifesaver though (thank you Jess!!) – the kids absolutely love it and I have also been super grateful for the help from two friends who come over a couple of times a week to give me a bit of a break (shout out to Justine and Jean)!

Anyway, the reason I say all this is because despite my best intentions, actually getting the camera out to take photos during the summer holidays has come as a second priority to making sure that no one kills each other and that I have enough perseverance to get through til bedtime. So I haven’t really taken many photos since the holidays started – I really want to so hopefully I will be able to report back with some next week! But for now, I am going to share with you our fab pirate party that we had at nursery for the last day of term… 😀
pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos! pirate party photos!

Hope you are managing to survive the holidays and that you’re managing to get out and about! xx

Photography for Mums: Best of the Web 12-08-16


Whew! We survived our appearance on 3 Day Nanny (thank you all so much for your awesome lovely messages and tweets – you are gorgeous people!), and in case you missed the announcement, I’m running a 40% off Flash Sale on my Photography for Mums (and Dads!) course in celebration. The sale ends today, so if you’re ready to take better photos of your kids, click here for all the details!

Now it’s Friday again and time for me to share another batch of fabulous content from around the web. Be sure to click through to the original post to read more!

Get Rid of Self-Doubt

With the airing of the 3 Day Nanny episode this week, and all the negative comments posted on Twitter about previous episodes, this post by Vicki over at Honest Mum was really needed. It’s easy to get worked up over what someone else thinks.

It’s easy to doubt yourself. To begin to wonder if you’re good enough. I know I struggle with this a lot!

But guess what? You are good enough! And so am I. So do what you love and love others!

If you’re dealing with self-doubt, go read Vicki’s post. It’s brilliant!

Vicki Psarias photographed by the brilliant Joseph Sinclair
Vicki Psarias photographed by the brilliant Joseph Sinclair

Tips for Building Strong Sibling Relationships

I want my kids to have strong relationships. Of course they fight like all siblings do (as you’ve seen!), but under that I want them to love each other.

This post on Lifehack shared 12 different tips for building these types of sibling relationships. I especially liked the suggestion for having them help one another, and teaching the art of both apologising and forgiving. We definitely try and do that in our house.

I’ll be reading this one again for sure!

Are YOU In Any Pictures?

As a photographer, this post by Melissa Fenton on Scary Mommy definitely caught my eye. Mums are often so busy taking pictures of all the memories that they aren’t in any pictures.

That means when the kids are older and reminiscing on their childhood, they won’t find you anywhere. They’ll know you were there of course, but they won’t have the photos to pull out and remember. That would be so sad!!!

So my gorgeous, hard working, exhausted mama-bears, let’s remember to get in the picture. Have your kids take photos of you doing what you love. Give them memories of you to look back on.

Photo from Scary Mommy
Photo from Scary Mommy

Check Out These Pictures of the Obama Family – so Sweet!

I do love the Obama family! These pictures are so cute– the Obamas are so good around kids of all sizes. Click through to this post from BuzzFeed News to see loads of heart warming photos. If only all politicians could be so genuine like this!

Well, that wraps up the latest edition of Photography for Mums: Best of the Web. I’ll be back next Friday with even more posts for you to check out.

Until then, if you spot anything cool on the web do tag me on twitter @rosieparsons or send me a link on Facebook! x



A Photoshoot with Jen from Mum in the MadHouse!

Mum in the Madhouse mummy blog photoshoot

Over the summer holidays I have taken it upon myself to go ahead and photograph some of my favourite inspirational women in the blog and business-o-sphere, and to kick it all off, a couple of weekends ago I gathered my small army, packed up our bags and we headed up to the far north – well North Yorkshire. Our mission? To photograph Mummy Blogger numero uno (often number one on the Tots 100 list and many others!) Mum in the MadHouse – Jen Walshaw and her lovely family!

Mum in the Madhouse - photo by Rosie Parsons-34

Google Maps said it would be 5.5 hours from Honiton to N Yorks where Jen and her crew live. I reckoned on a couple of half hour breaks and thought it would be fine. Ha… ha haaaaargh! 10 hours later at 10pm at night, we finally arrived at our little Premier Inn just outside Middlesbrough. Shhhhheeeeeshkebabs! That was one heck of a long journey!

I must give kudos to the staff at Premier Inn though, everyone was so lovely and welcoming and the room was really clean. Plus the following morning while dragging all our sleep deprived bottoms through to breakfast, the ladies serving us could not have been more friendly and happy to help. I really appreciated how lovely they were during what could have been an extremely trying meal (I have filled out the premier inn survey and mentioned them in particular so hopefully they will get some recognition!).

Anyway, I shall not dwell on the traveling aspect too long (I would rather not relive it to be honest! Ha!) and instead shall share my fab experience of meeting Jen and her lovely family.

Photographs of Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog
Jen and her family – Mum in the Madhouse Blog
Jen from the Uk mummy blog 'Mum in the Madhouse' and her lovely family!
Jen from the Uk’s leading mummy blog ‘Mum in the Madhouse’ and her lovely family!

Arriving at Jen’s home I did suddenly wonder was I crazy to travel 10 hours up country to meet someone I’d only ever spoken to online before. But as soon as Jen came out she was so warm and lovely, enveloping me in a wonderful hug.

I also wasn’t sure how all the children would get along as there is a big age gap between my lot and her boys, but I was amazed! Her boys were so good with Jacob, Summer, Sienna and Zach – they really took an interest in them and got stuck in with playing which helped so much! This was my first time doing a shoot where I’ve taken all the children along with me so I was prepared for it to be a total epic fail, but thanks to Jen’s boys being willing to pitch in and keep the troops entertained, it was so much easier than expected – cheers lads!

Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog
By the boats!
Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog
Jen from Mum in the Madhouse Blog

After meeting Jen’s family at the house we headed down to their local beach, Saltburn by the Sea. A lovely spot with boats and a pier. We set up my kids with a bucket and spade and I snapped furiously – but actually my guys were pretty well behaved and didn’t make any breaks for freedom which was a relief!

Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog

Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog walking on the beach
Walking along the beach

Mum in the Madhouse - photo by Rosie Parsons-58

Mum in the Madhouse - photo by Rosie Parsons-53

chips on the beach
Eating chips next to the beach!
Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog
Lots of laughs!
Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog
Jen and Drew’s boys were awesome with my children – thanks lads!

After some portraits on the beach Drew and Jen treated us to a yummy seaside lunch of fresh chips (thanks guys!) and then we headed up to the Moors. I spotted this lovely gate and wall with gorgeous scenery behind so we were able to grab a few family pictures here too.

Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog

Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog

Jen from the Uk's number 1 mummy blog 'Mum in the Madhouse' and her lovely family!

Jen and her family - Mum in the Madhouse Blog

The route back was a little easier as I was able to stop in Huddersfield to drop in on my cousin Sarah and her lovely girls. I don’t get to see them at all often due to distance so it worked out really well! I stayed overnight so it was fabulous to be able to see them over two days. I also grabbed a few shots of them before we left southwards which I recently shared here!

The journey back from Huddersfield was not easy – the children were not so patient as they were on the way up and Summer was not keen on me having the radio on (think screaming loudly “NO MUSIC! I DON’T WANT MUSIC!!” over and over again). And although she was happy when it was off, I was getting more and more tired by the minute, which is not really what you want when traveling at 70pmh.

The amazing play area for children at Gloucester services farm shop (iPhone snap)
The amazing play area for children at Gloucester services farm shop (iPhone snap)
Yummy treats at Gloucester services farm shop (iPhone snap)
Yummy treats at Gloucester services farm shop (iPhone snap)

This combo was not really workable long term, so in exasperation I stopped at Gloucester services instead of Bristol. And oh man I was glad I did! Seriously I have never seen anything like it! Why can’t all services be like this?! It is a gorgeous farm shop style (but very stylish and modern) with extremely high quality, nutritious food (I was about to pass out if I’d eaten another Burger King!) and joy of joys a play area for the kids at the back of the restaurant!! And not a scummy dirty one either, an actual really nice, clean, quiet play area! I nearly cried! Highly recommended if you are traveling up the M5 (I believe they have one both north and south) – just look out for the services that say FARMSHOP. You won’t be disappointed! (on a side note, one mum I mentioned this to on a Facebook group i’m in said she loved it but there were no baby food pouches available which is not ideal. I’m sure this is something they would want to change if they knew about it as they seemed very helpful and eager to help families. But worth knowing this in advance if you’ve got a wee one.

So who will be next in my intrepid travels?! Despite the epic nature of talking 4 children age 3 and under away for a few days I did actually really enjoy myself, so we shall see where we end up next time!! 😀


Photography for Mums: Best of the Web 05-08-16

NOTHS personalised childrens books

Whew, is it Friday again already?! It’s easy to lose track of days when the kids are all home on holiday!

Here’s another batch of my favourite finds from around the web this week. Since I’ve had four small badgers climbing all over me and bickering all week, I haven’t had quite as much time for reading, so you’ll notice it’s a bit shorter than normal!!

A Fresh Take on Childbirth Images

This post on The Guardian from Milli Hill at The Positive Birth Movement shares some beautiful pictures of women giving birth. These women aren’t scared, they’re embracing the experience and playing an active role in the birth of their babies.

I had the birth of the triplets photographed (by Ashlee Taylor) and it is amazing to be able to look back on those photos!

Facebook is known for banning such images unfortunately. This post tackles some of the reasons behind that, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Definitely a good read.

A Fun Personalised Gift!

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give a child in your life, definitely check out these personalised storybooks from Not on the High Street. 

I know my guys would love to discover an adventure behind their names! Will remember this for Christmas (I like to plan ahead!).

lost name
Image taken from

A Peek at Motherhood Past

Motherhood hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years! Mums are still rocking their little ones, giving them baths, and making sure everyone is well fed.

This post on The Huffington Post  shares black and white pictures of mums from 50 years ago from the archives of photographer Ken Heyman. I loved seeing the similarities between the photos and my day to day life with the kids. It just shows that the cornerstore of mothering – love – shows itself exactly the same yesterday, today and I bet it will in the future too. Heartwarming stuff!

Ideas for the Summer Holidays

I don’t know about you, but we’re only two weeks in and I am already going slightly insane trying to keep everyone happy! Thank goodness it’s at least sunny!!! So I did appreciate this great post from NOTHS with lots of great ideas for keeping everyone entertained – like these activity boxes from Toucan Box!

kids activities for the summer holidays
Image from Toucan Box

Are you excited about the Rio Olympics starting tonight?

If you fancy doing some fun and colour Olympics themed crafts with your kids, then definitely check out this fab post from blogger Shanon Wong Nizic from Oh Creative Day over on Momtastic. She has some great ideas that look like they would make a cool afternoon of fun together with the children!
That’s it for this week! What great finds did you stumble across this week? I’d love for you to share in the comments section!

Photos of the cousins in Huddersfield!

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

On my way back home to Devon from visiting Jen at Mum in the MadHouse in North Yorkshire I was really pleased to see we’d be passing through Huddersfield where my cousin Sarah lives! We hardly ever get to see each other due to the distance, so this was the first time the children had all met!

We had a lovely time just chilling in the house letting the children meet each other for the first time and I snapped a few shots of them in the garden before we left. I love these girls! What a fab treat to get to spend time with them! xx

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons


family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

family photos - photography courses by Rosie Parsons

Discover How My Online Photography Course Can Help You Take Stunning Photos of Your Family!

photography for mums course

So if you’ve already read a couple of my articles filled with photography tips you’ll know that there is actually a huge amount of thought that goes into taking a beautiful photo!

It looks like a quick process from the outside, but photography is a skill where you put everything you’ve learned into practise in a split second.

Jen from the Uk's number 1 mummy blog 'Mum in the Madhouse' and her lovely family!
Jen from the Uk’s number 1 mummy blog ‘Mum in the Madhouse’ and her lovely family!

I can give you tips galore, but what makes the biggest difference to improving your photography is actually seeing it in action.

Having a concept explained step by step on video and then getting to watch a photographer put it into practise is so helpful! And of course then getting to have a go at the technique yourself (and share your results!) is such a great way to learn and improve!

For an example, watch this lesson below taken from the course – this session is all about how to take great photos indoors, I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

I wish I had that kind of guidance when I started out in photography! It would have saved me years of trial and error (and heartache when my photos didn’t come out!).

The good news is though that every time I made a mistake I learned from it. And now because of those years of trial and error I am super confident with my camera. I know I can go into any situation and get great photos! That is a skill that is so valuable to have!

A photo of my cousin Sarah being loved by her beautiful girls :)
A photo of my cousin Sarah being loved by her beautiful girls 🙂 I literally just snapped this quickly as we were leaving her house in the front garden.

Do you want to have spent your children’s formative years learning from your mistakes?!

I don’t think you should have to go through the frustration of getting things wrong and tweaking and testing to finally know how to get things right! There are so many great photos of your family that you could be taking already!

photography course - Zach's first birthday with him watching a lit ice candle
Zach’s first birthday!

That is why I created my online photography course for families – for people who want to start taking stunning photos of their children ASAP! Photography for Mums (and Dads!) is a really fun, accessible and easy to implement guide to taking beautiful shots of all aspects of family life (but particularly your little ones) with your camera.

“The course is aimed at total beginners and IS suitable for any camera”.

The course is aimed at total beginners and is suitable for any camera. In this initial beginner course we cover mainly the artistic elements of photography such as composition, light, posing and how to get the best from your (cheeky and often uncooperative in my case anyway!) subjects 🙂

photography course - boy having fun on the beach in winter with shell on his nose!
Having fun with friends at the beach, even in winter!

If you are thinking about the course but haven’t quite made up your mind yet, let me walk you through the main areas I cover…

photography courses - pregnancy portrait
A pregnancy portrait of my friends on the beach

Fundamentals of Photography: Understanding Light

Light can make or break a photo. Understanding it is the essential element of beautiful photography.

But, you can’t just turn on the flash and expect everything to be perfect. In order to get the kind of photos I take, natural light is the key to soft, beautiful pictures. This module will teach you how to harness that light and use it to your advantage. Here’s a handful of the many strategies covered:

  • Where to stand on sunny days to avoid squinting and washed out faces
  • How to find beautiful light on cloudy days
  • How to position your shot when taking pictures inside
photography for beginners course - black and white photo of board game
I love the expressions of my friend Steph’s family in this shot!

Creating Artistic Photos through Composition

Have you ever seen a photo that just drew your eyes in? That guided you on where to look? Those photographers used composition to accomplish that.

You can learn to do the same thing! It’s all about organising the objects in your picture, and learning to arrange everything in your camera’s viewfinder. In my course you’ll learn to:

  • How to think through the composition of your photo before taking your shot
  • How to avoid common mistakes  
  • How to take photos that are pleasing to look at
photography course online - boys being silly in the bath
It’s important to make the viewer feel like they are right there, welcomed into the moment – like with this fun shot of my boys in the bath!

The Heart of a Photo: How to Create Connection

You can’t just tell your kids to say cheese and expect to capture a heart-felt, real smile. Even if they are willing, you just know when you look at the photo that it is not really ‘them’.

That’s not the precious memory you wanted to capture, but to get something really special you have to create a connection in your photo. Because of the connection they naturally share, mums are already at a huge advantage to professional photographers that you might call in who have to build that rapport from scratch. Module three is all about taking stunning pictures of your kids that really let their personality shine through. You’ll learn to utilise this connection, and we’ll cover:  

  • Shortcuts to genuine smiles
  • Capturing beauty in everyday life
  • How to make a real connection when you’re taking pictures
Rosie Parsons Photography Courses
Me at work!

Photography in Action: Case Studies

I don’t want you to feel information overload from modules 1-3. That’s why module 4 focuses on bringing all the elements together. I’ll walk you through plenty of real life photo shoots with my own family and friends, and I’ll explain step by step what I’m doing. You’ll learn:

  • How to use the most important settings on your camera
  • How to take beautiful pictures of special moments like birthdays
  • How photo shoots in a variety of locations actually work


Benefits of Taking the Course

Photography for Mums (and Dads!) will help you take better pictures of the most important people in your life. You’ll learn lots of quick and easy ways to capture stunning pictures of your kids and their important milestones, as well as beautiful everyday moments. As you practice the skills from each video, you’ll gain confidence with your camera skills and your abilities.

But, the video lessons aren’t the only thing included in this course. I want to provide extra support and encouragement to help you grow as a photographer. That’s why everyone who enrols in my course will have access to an exclusive VIP student community.

In the community, you can post any questions that pop up as you go through the material or practice it with your own camera. You can share your own images for feedback, and participate in weekly challenges. You’ll also have access to behind the scenes videos as I do photo shoots with my own friends and family.

I want you to have all the support you need to succeed. I want you to become a better photographer! To join me on the course sign up here!

Rosie Parsons Photography - Rosie and her family on the beach in Devon
Me and the kids on the beach – photo taken by my mum on my camera :)

Any Concerns?

Will I have time for this?

The great thing about doing my online course is that you can start and stop it at any time that is convenient to you. If you have a spare moment once the kids are in bed then you can curl up on the sofa with your iPad or laptop and quickly watch a module!

The course is also ongoing, so you can start it when you are ready and take it at your own pace.

Is it going to be overly complicated?

Not at all! I created this course specifically aimed at time strapped parents who need to know easy to implement tips in a straightforward step by step process. I don’t use any technical language – everything we cover in this course is accessible and understandable. And there’s no waffle either – I get straight to the point so you can learn the most useful techniques for improving your photography in the quickest time!

What if I don’t like it after I’ve bought it?

Whaaat?! Haha, although this is highly unlikely – if you did decide that actually you don’t have the time to delve into this right now after all, or you’re not getting on with the course, then I offer a 100% refund guarantee if you email me to request one within the first 30 days after purchase. I want you to be thrilled you bought the course and find it really useful. 🙂

What if I have questions during the course? Would an evening course be better so I can ask questions if I get stuck?

Evening classes are cool! But from the feedback I’ve had, a lot of people find that everyone has different cameras and there actually isn’t any time to get personalised one to one help from your tutor. It tends to be led from the front and the tutor will address the group as a whole.

On my online course, you get to watch the video as if I were sitting down with you and a cup of tea, and under each lecture there is a discussion area so you can leave me a question if you have one. I also have a fab Facebook community that you get access to if you take the course where everyone shares their challenge assignments and asks questions. It’s a really lovely way to get to know other parents who love photography – and to help each other out as well as talking to me!

If you’re convinced, then you can sign up over here!

photography course- our friend Seb on the beach
Our little friend Seb on the beach!

Why Am I Qualified to Teach You Photography?

I’m an award winning professional photographer with 11 years of experience.  

My work has been featured on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine. I’ve photographed tremendous people, including the wedding of ITV This Morning’s Sharon Marshall. That shoot was featured in OK! Magazine, and over the years I’ve claimed three national awards for my work (yay!).

There is nothing more special to me than being able to capture beautiful photographs of the people I love. 

Rosie Parsons Photography - Rosie and her children
Me and my motley crew!

Don’t Just Take My Word for It!

Here’s what other mums have to say about the course:

“As a mum who is obsessed with photographing my baby daily – without fail, it’s such a delight to have someone share with me and teach me what works and what doesn’t – I’m more likely to get THE shot first or second time now rather than ten attempts later! Rosie’s course is relaxed, you get to try out what you’ve learnt and the guidance is superb, I’d highly recommend this to genuine beginners. It’s perfect if you want to better yourself and appreciate and love YOUR photos of YOUR children.”Danielle Wedgery

“Fabulous course, full of really simple to follow instructions and tips to help you produce great photographic results. Love the way the videos explained everything visually , showing the different results that can be achieved. Would recommend to others.”Adele Purser

“The course is fantastic! Rosie’s tutorials are so warm and friendly, constructive without being patronising! Rosie can really relate and that’s what makes it great! Such a fantastic course for people who want gorgeous photos without having to take an evening course!” – Corrie Furzer

photography course - photos on the beach
Some quick shots down at the beach of Jacob and Sienna after nursery one evening

Are You Ready to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids?

If you’d like to start taking beautiful photos right now then head on over here and sign up for instant access! I can’t wait to see you in the course! x

Photography for Mums: Best of the Web 29-07-16

movie night with kids

Happy Friday!!

I survived (just) the car trip I mentioned last week. Woohoo! We all had a fabulous time meeting Jen at Mum in the Madhouse (and popping in on cousin Sarah afterwards), and the photos turned out brilliantly. Can’t wait to share those with you next week!

I’ve also been slowly chipping away at the pictures from the triplets’ birthday party, and am so glad to finally get those up on the blog for you to see! Hope you like them 😀

How has your first week of the summer holidays been? Any exciting trips or fun photo sessions? I’d love to hear all about what you’ve been up to in the comments section below.

Here are my latest fave finds from around the web. As always, you can click through to read the original post and see all the photos!

How to Be a Role Model for Girls

As a mum to two daughters, this post was fascinating. I’ll be rereading this again as the girls get older, so I can make sure I give them confidence in their girlhood and beyond. Running my own business is one way I can help my girls see that women can take their skills and talents and go for it.

The photos on this post are from Getty Images for their Lean In collection, and they portray beautiful, confident women and girls. I love it!

An Amazing Woman in Leadership

Speaking of confident, amazing women, a post on Inhabitots, parts of the Inhabitat network went right along with this topic. They asked that I not link directly to the post, so here is a link to the HuffPo post that inspired the one I first read.

Theresa Kachindamoto, a senior chief in Malawi, is taking a stand against child marriages. She’s broken up more than 850 of them during her three year reign, sending the kids back to school. We definitely need more women like this in the world! What a woman – strong, powerful, respected and not afraid to stand up to what is right. Totally inspiring!

Make Movie Night a Blast

The lovely Jen over at Mum in the Madhouse wrote this post on making your next movie night more memorable. I thought the tips were brilliant, especially getting outside to play a game based on the movie. A fun way to mix active play into movie night! My lot don’t quite have the attention span to sit down for a movie yet, but I can’t wait to make it a weekly end of week tradition as soon as they can!

If you’re looking for ideas for your next movie night, definitely check out her post!

Movie night

Are Toys Cluttering Up Your House?

With four young children, I’m definitely feeling the toy clutter (and every other variation). This post shared genius solutions to keeping the toys picked up.

Giving everything a home should help the kids get better at putting their playthings away. It is my dream to have an organised clean house – maybe when they are 18?! Ha!

Well, that wraps up another edition of Photography for Mums: Best of the Web for this week. Did you spot any good links this week? Share a link in the comments section so I can check them out! x





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