Newborn Photos – Baby Joel


Today I want to share with you a very special shoot, which was for my good friends Louise and Christian of their gorgeous newborn little boy Joel. Such a loved and long awaited little boy and a real blend of the two of them. I loved taking these shots in Lou and Christian’s bedroom.

To take the shots, on a previous visit I had looked around the house first to find the lightest room. Once I’d decided on the bedroom I brought along my own white duvet cover as theirs is patterned and a white duvet looks most fresh and natural in photos. I also cleared away all bedroom clutter like toiletries, books, stuff hanging on the walls and made the background as clear as possible.

I also asked Lou to wear neutral coloured clothing as I wanted a Sunday morning kind of vibe. I love these shots and newborn pictures are always so special because they don’t stay this small for long!!

joel-4 joel-7 joel-11 joel-13 joel-16 joel-17 joel-20 joel-21 joel-25 joel-28 joel-31 joel-33 joel-38 joel-40 joel-43 joel-47 joel-49 joel-53 joel-57 joel-59 joel-63 joel-65 joel-67 joel-69 joel-72 joel-76 joel-77 joel-79 joel-87 joel-88 joel-93 joel-101 joel-109