Photography for Mums: Best of the Web 26-08-16


oh yeah, it’s time for another edition of Photography for Mums: Best of the Web. I found some fab posts this week, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Let’s dive right in. Remember you can click through to the original post to see the whole post.

Mum of Boys: A Letter to Myself

Louise over at Mum of Boys had this brilliant post. It’s a letter to herself after the birth of her first child, reminding her about what’s important. I especially love two of her tips:

  • Don’t take criticism to heart

No matter how you parent, someone’s going to have a problem with it. If you’re trying to work online (like I am) the number of people you’re interacting with is so much larger. Criticisms and bad comments will come. I’m learning not to take them personally, but I still need reminders like this!

  • Remember to take photographs

Our little ones grow so quickly. I still can’t believe the triplets have been three for a month. Time goes so quickly and Zach is nearly catching up with them size wise!!

Photographs help us remember these moments, so take loads of them!! If you need help boosting your photography skills, be sure to check out my online course!

Photo credit: Mum of Boys
Photo credit: Mum of Boys

Making the Bedtime Routine a Snap

I learned so much about routines from the experience on 3 Day Nanny. The kids have been doing so much better knowing what to expect.

And one way to make everything go smoothly is to have a place for everything. That way we don’t waste any time looking for things we need. This post from A Beautiful Mess showed a lovely bedtime routine organiser in the bathroom.

Using a plant stand, an organization center was created. It houses each person’s toothbrush, comb, and other bedtime essentials. What a fab idea! Now I just need the time to actually start implementing some of this stuff in my own house!!

bedtime routine beautiful mess
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Getting Control of Toys

We’ve chatted about toys here on the blog here before. With four kids, it’s amazing how fast new toys get added to the house. Then they’re always underfoot, just waiting to be stepped on or spraining an ankle on (I speak from experience). Argh!

Audra from Real Honest Mom shared some tips on how her family finally took control of the toy clutter. I like the idea of having some toys put away to rotate and I always mean to do this, but unfortunately I am more lazy than the kids so things usually don’t get put away so it doesn’t last long! But in my dream world, this would definitely happen – that way the kids aren’t seeing everything all the time, and would be excited to play with them again in the future.

Photo Credit: Real Honest Mom (Before Picture)
Photo Credit: Real Honest Mom (Before Picture–click through to see the after, very impressive!)

Working from Home with a Poorly Baba

As a mum with a home-based business, I know first hand how hard it is to get much work done when the kids are home on holiday. (As the lack of posting lately shows!)

When they’re poorly, it can be even harder! Kids need a lot of cuddles when they’re sick – and I love doing that, but of course don’t end up doing much else! 🙂

Ashley shared several tips for getting work done when the kids are home sick in this post. I’ll definitely be reading this one again if any of my little gang have a sick day.

ashley gainer
Photo credit:

That’s a Wrap!

Whew, loads of good reads this week! Do click through and read them if you get a chance.

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