Photography for Mums: Best of the Web 12-08-16


Whew! We survived our appearance on 3 Day Nanny (thank you all so much for your awesome lovely messages and tweets – you are gorgeous people!), and in case you missed the announcement, I’m running a 40% off Flash Sale on my Photography for Mums (and Dads!) course in celebration. The sale ends today, so if you’re ready to take better photos of your kids, click here for all the details!

Now it’s Friday again and time for me to share another batch of fabulous content from around the web. Be sure to click through to the original post to read more!

Get Rid of Self-Doubt

With the airing of the 3 Day Nanny episode this week, and all the negative comments posted on Twitter about previous episodes, this post by Vicki over at Honest Mum was really needed. It’s easy to get worked up over what someone else thinks.

It’s easy to doubt yourself. To begin to wonder if you’re good enough. I know I struggle with this a lot!

But guess what? You are good enough! And so am I. So do what you love and love others!

If you’re dealing with self-doubt, go read Vicki’s post. It’s brilliant!

Vicki Psarias photographed by the brilliant Joseph Sinclair
Vicki Psarias photographed by the brilliant Joseph Sinclair

Tips for Building Strong Sibling Relationships

I want my kids to have strong relationships. Of course they fight like all siblings do (as you’ve seen!), but under that I want them to love each other.

This post on Lifehack shared 12 different tips for building these types of sibling relationships. I especially liked the suggestion for having them help one another, and teaching the art of both apologising and forgiving. We definitely try and do that in our house.

I’ll be reading this one again for sure!

Are YOU In Any Pictures?

As a photographer, this post by Melissa Fenton on Scary Mommy definitely caught my eye. Mums are often so busy taking pictures of all the memories that they aren’t in any pictures.

That means when the kids are older and reminiscing on their childhood, they won’t find you anywhere. They’ll know you were there of course, but they won’t have the photos to pull out and remember. That would be so sad!!!

So my gorgeous, hard working, exhausted mama-bears, let’s remember to get in the picture. Have your kids take photos of you doing what you love. Give them memories of you to look back on.

Photo from Scary Mommy
Photo from Scary Mommy

Check Out These Pictures of the Obama Family – so Sweet!

I do love the Obama family! These pictures are so cute– the Obamas are so good around kids of all sizes. Click through to this post from BuzzFeed News to see loads of heart warming photos. If only all politicians could be so genuine like this!

Well, that wraps up the latest edition of Photography for Mums: Best of the Web. I’ll be back next Friday with even more posts for you to check out.

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