Photography for Mums: Best of the Web 05-08-16

NOTHS personalised childrens books

Whew, is it Friday again already?! It’s easy to lose track of days when the kids are all home on holiday!

Here’s another batch of my favourite finds from around the web this week. Since I’ve had four small badgers climbing all over me and bickering all week, I haven’t had quite as much time for reading, so you’ll notice it’s a bit shorter than normal!!

A Fresh Take on Childbirth Images

This post on The Guardian from Milli Hill at The Positive Birth Movement shares some beautiful pictures of women giving birth. These women aren’t scared, they’re embracing the experience and playing an active role in the birth of their babies.

I had the birth of the triplets photographed (by Ashlee Taylor) and it is amazing to be able to look back on those photos!

Facebook is known for banning such images unfortunately. This post tackles some of the reasons behind that, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Definitely a good read.

A Fun Personalised Gift!

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give a child in your life, definitely check out these personalised storybooks from Not on the High Street. 

I know my guys would love to discover an adventure behind their names! Will remember this for Christmas (I like to plan ahead!).

lost name
Image taken from

A Peek at Motherhood Past

Motherhood hasn’t changed much in the past 50 years! Mums are still rocking their little ones, giving them baths, and making sure everyone is well fed.

This post on The Huffington Post  shares black and white pictures of mums from 50 years ago from the archives of photographer Ken Heyman. I loved seeing the similarities between the photos and my day to day life with the kids. It just shows that the cornerstore of mothering – love – shows itself exactly the same yesterday, today and I bet it will in the future too. Heartwarming stuff!

Ideas for the Summer Holidays

I don’t know about you, but we’re only two weeks in and I am already going slightly insane trying to keep everyone happy! Thank goodness it’s at least sunny!!! So I did appreciate this great post from NOTHS with lots of great ideas for keeping everyone entertained – like these activity boxes from Toucan Box!

kids activities for the summer holidays
Image from Toucan Box

Are you excited about the Rio Olympics starting tonight?

If you fancy doing some fun and colour Olympics themed crafts with your kids, then definitely check out this fab post from blogger Shanon Wong Nizic from Oh Creative Day over on Momtastic. She has some great ideas that look like they would make a cool afternoon of fun together with the children!
That’s it for this week! What great finds did you stumble across this week? I’d love for you to share in the comments section!