Photography Roundup : Best of the Web 8 July 2016


This week has flown by with all sorts of fun, and I’m really excited because we’ve also got a last minute trip to Bluestone in Wales planned soon – finally a holiday, yippee!!

Here are some of my favourite finds from around the web this week. Remember you can click through to the original post and see more from these talented bloggers and photographers.

The Guilt Fairy

Katie at Hurrah for Gin wrote this totally accurate and hilarious post. There’s some eyebrow raising language (just a warning incase you are easily offended!) throughout the post, but it’s a very funny piece on Mummy guilt and how to combat it with logic. We have to stop comparing ourselves to others, and enjoy the life that we have. So go squash your guilt fairy and embrace the fact you’re doing your best! And enjoy this post – I actually cried with laughter reading it! Thanks Katie you are the best!!

Lessons From Fatherhood

Casey Lewis offers a poignant reminder to enjoy the moments because the years go fast in this reflection post. He sums up his first five years of fatherhood in five main lessons learned. Great lessons for all parents to remember.

The post also included this great shot from Jennifer Chaney. She’s a fabulous photographer to follow, so check out more of her work here.

Using Photography Skills to Help Cancer Patients

This heartwarming article above details how Whitney Schloss, a talented photographer, uses her photography skills to gift patients battling cancer with priceless pictures. Whitney donates her time, and challenges others to find a way to pay it forward with their own skills.

You can find more of Whitney’s fab photos on her website.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement

And baby makes three! This pregnancy announcement photo by Erin Farrell Photography is just adorable. Actually, the whole photo shoot is lovely! I’d love to hear what you guys did for your pregnancy announcements! Come and tell me in the Facebook group!

Babies Dressed As Famous People

Speaking of babies, check out these adorable pictures of babies dressed as famous people featured on Good to Know. HelloDenizen is responsible for these hilarious photos, so be sure to check out some more of their work as well!

Beautiful Bath Salts

Look at these beautiful salt water taffy bath salts! I don’t actually know what taffy is but it sounds lovely! Lol! Can you just see one of these on your bathroom counter? I reckon they’d make pretty awesome gifts too. The colours are so kid friendly. The step-by-step directions mean we can all make our own!

Reminder to Keep Your Kids Hydrated

I am so bad at remembering drinks! And as we’re heading out on holiday soon, this post from Jenn was a good reminder of the importance of keeping hydrated. Stay healthy this summer as you’re out and about with your family.

That wraps up another edition of Photography for Mums: Best of the Web. I’ll be back next Friday with another batch of brilliant finds to share with you all. See you then! x